2017 Trends of cloud servers in Vietnam

January 18, 2017

The vitality of cloud servers in Vietnam to the contemporary enterprise is best measured in quantitative and qualitative terms.

On the other hand, it is the cardinal enabler of a wealth of technologies and apps enumerated on multiple hands including containers, cognitive computing, social, edge computing, mobile, big data, the Internet of Things and hybridized IT environments.


On the other, the sheer direness of these apps and technologies represent the foundation of the current data sphere, providing not only the most desirable means to interact with users, but also to capitalize on data centric culture as a whole.

In virtually all of these cases, the cloud either directly enables or significantly improves the utility of the aforementioned facets of the data landscape so implicitly it would be easy to overlook the value it produces. A gander into the coming year reveals that individually these aspects of data management denote the most impactful trends to influence the cloud servers Dell Vietnam that supports them all, while hinting at the collective utility of their deployment in tandem with one another.

Evolving mobile


The relationship between the mobile and cloud computing, specifically as it’s facilitated by the broadening influence of the Internet of Things, is integral to the adoption rates of both of the techs. The superfluity of Service Oriented Architecture, including most various artificial intelligence, and Container-as-a-Service offerings, provisions the customer/ business continuity required for mobile usage. In turn, the growing mobile movement is responsible for many cloud types which will follow a basic paradigm devolving from public clouds, to private, hybrid and industry-specific ones. Additionally, 3rd-party service providers have traditionally played a pivotal role in the implementation of mobile tech which, according to Forrester, may well transition to greater company autonomy since, “Many organizations outsourced their mobile projects to third parties in an attempt to keep up with disruptive and nimble start-up company. Now that mobile is mission critical to their business, the leading firms will bring mobile in-house and use design-thinking to drive success.” The design of cloud servers Intel Vietnam architecture will adhere to the aforementioned model if organizations choose to eschew 3rd– party providers.