All you need to know about cloud servers IBM Vietnam and SaaS

January 18, 2017

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a category of cloud servers IBM Vietnam providing an environment to build apps/ services over the internet.


Platform as a Service allows the users to create software apps using tools supplied by the provider. PaaS services consist of preconfigured functions that users can subscribe to; they can choose to include the features that meet their demands while discarding those that don’t. Consequently, packages can vary from offering simple point-and-click frameworks where no user side hosting expertise is required to supplying the infrastructure solutions for advanced development.

The infrastructure and apps are managed for users and support is available. Services are constantly updated, with existing functions upgraded and additional functions added. PaaS providers can support the IT developers from the conception of their original ideas to the creation of apps, and through to examining and deployment. This’s all achieved in a managed mechanism.


As with most cheap cloud servers Vietnam offerings, PaaS services are usually paid for on a subscription basis with users ultimately paying just for what they consume. Users also get benefits from the economies of scale which arise from the sharing of the underlying physical infrastructure between the users, and that results in low costs.

It developers get can benefit from PaaS. Whether building an app that they’re planning to offer over the internet or software to be sold out of the box, developers may take advantage of a PaaS choice.

 For example, the developers can use individual PaaS environments at each stage of the process to develop, test and ultimately host their webs. However, businesses developing their own internal software can utilize Platform as a Service, especially to create testing environments and distinct ring-fenced development.


Below are some of the benefits of PaaS to application developers:

  • They must not invest in physical infrastructure; being able to rent the virtual infrastructure that has both cost benefits and practical benefits. They do not need to buy hardware themselves or employ the expertise to control it.
  • Makes development possible for ‘non-experts’; with some PaaS offerings anyone can develop an app. They can simply do this through their web browser utilizing one-click functionality.
  • Flexibility; users can have control over the tools that are set up within their platforms and can create a platform that is suitable with their specific demands. They can choose the functions that are necessary.
  • Adaptability; Features of cloud servers Vietnam can be changed if circumstances dictate that they should.
  • Teams in different locations can work well together; as an internet connection and web browser are all that is required, IT developers spread across different locations can work together on the same app build.
  • Security; security is at high level, including backup and recovery and data security.

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