Simple examples of cheap cloud servers Vietnam

February 17, 2017

There is the fact that most of us use VietNam Cloud Server all day long without realizing it.


When you sit at your PC and type a query into Google, the computer on your desk is not playing much part in finding the answers you need: it is no more than a messenger. The words you type are swiftly shuttled over the internet to one of Google’s hundreds of thousands of clustered PCs that dig out your results and send them back to you as soon as possible. When you do a Google search, the real work in finding your answers might be done by a computer sitting in New York, Tokyo, Dublin or Beijing; you do not know—and most likely you do not care!


The same applies to Web-based email. Once upon a time, email was something you could only send and receive using a program operating on your PC. But then Web-based services such as Hotmail came along and carried email off into the cloud servers Intel Vietnam. Now we are all used to the idea that emails which can be stored and processed through a server in some remote part of the world, easily accessible from a Web browser, wherever we happen to be. Pushing email off into the cloud plan makes it supremely convenient for busy user, constantly on the move.


Preparing documents over the internet is a newer example of SaaS. Simply log on to a web-based service such as Google Documents and you are allowed to create a spreadsheet, document, presentation, or whatever you want by using Web-based software. Instead of typing your words into a program such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Word, operating on your computer, you are using the same software operating on a PC at one of Google’s world-wide data centers. Like an email drafted on Hotmail, the document you created will be stored remotely, on a Web server, so you can access it from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world, any time you want. Do you know where it is stored? No! Do you care where it is stored? Again, no! Using a Web-based service like this means that you are contracting out or outsourcing some of your computing demands to the company like cloud servers IBM Vietnam. They pay the cost of developing the software and keeping it up to date and they earn back the money to do this through advertising and other paid-for services.